Thursday, March 18, 2010

Travis' Bracket

March Madness begins today! Click here to view my bracket (it may not be viewable until the games start). Because of IU's basketball-downturn the tournament has been bittersweet for me the past few years, but I still enjoy the madness.

This past season has been an unusually busy time for our family. I have not watched much basketball as a result of moving to Texas and acclimating to our new surroundings and our wonderful new church - Rodgers Baptist. I've watched a little college ball but not a lot. Based on what I have seen, as well as what little I've read, here are my Final Four picks.

In the East regional West Virginia will beat the University of Kentucky in the regional finals. Appalachia will be uproarious! UK is far more talented that the Mountaineers, but they are also extremely young. Da'Sean Butler will hit big shots and Huggy Bear will lead his alma mater to the Big Dance.

Out of the South will come Duke in a tightly contested match against Big East hardened Villanova. I realize that 'Nova struggled at season's end, but they are a proven team with an outstanding, mature guard in Scottie Reynolds. In the tournament strong, steady guard play is essential. But big men are key also, which is why Duke will prevail. (You don't know how hard that was for me to type!)

The victors from the West will be K-State led by their dynamic duo of Clemente and Pullen. I'm becoming more and more impressed with the Big 12, and Kansas State has certainly impressed this year. Crazy coach Frank Martin may hurt himself, but the Wildcats will peel the Orange in the regional finals to advance to the national semis.

In the Midwest Rock Chalk Jayhawk will crack the Buckeyes. OSU's Evan Turner is impressive, but Kansas is loaded and Sherron Collins is proven. Of all my Final Four picks, this is the one of which I am most confident. (Of course, that doesn't mean anything!)

The state of Kansas will be euphoric as the Big 12 title game is replayed, only this time in the national semis. The result will be identical, however, and Kansas will advance to the final. I've picked the Mountaineers over Duke mainly because the Big East is so much stronger than the ACC. West Virginia conquered that brutal conference, and in crunch time that will enable them to overcome the Blue Devils.

Kansas will roll West Virginia in the title game. Bill Self will have his second title in three years. I'll be chomping at the bit for next year. IU will be back, baby!


Pastor said...

Back to the drawing board ;)

Travis said...

I was most confident of the Kansas pick, but like I wrote in the post "that doesn't mean anything."