Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Morning Commentary

Here are some opinions on President Obama being awarded the Nobel Peace prize:

In his column - How Politics Destroyed a Great TV Show - Jonah Goldberg displays range as an excellent TV as well as political critic. Another good Goldberg column is Reading Between the Lines of Obama's Poetry.

Here are some selections from the usual suspects.

I was recently treated to a live Karl Rove experience. Rove debated Howard Dean right here in Greencastle, IN at DePauw University. While I didn't attend the debate live, I watched it live online. Rove mopped the auditorium floor with Dean's weak arguments. One of the issues they debated was...wait for it, you'll be surprised...HEALTHCARE! Read Rove's recent WSJ column - Obama Hasn't Closed the Health-Care Sale - for a slice of sanity on this topic.

I end with some wise words from Charles Haddon Spurgeon on the dangers of living for and the love of man's praise.

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