Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Morning Commentary

William Safire died of cancer on September 27, 2009. He was one of my favorite pundits and a brilliant writer. Former speechwritwer for Richard Nixon, along with Patrick Buchanan (see pic at end of this post). He coined the phrases: “nattering nabobs of negativism” and “hopeless, hysterical hypochondriacs of history” in a speech he wrote for Nixon's VP - Spiro Agnew. I love those phrases. He was also my ENglish language guru; not that it has done me much good. I regularly read his "on Language" column. I enjoyed and learned from every one. Robert McFadden of the 'Old Gray (and slightly insane) Lady' wrote what I thought was an excellent obituary, and you may click here to read it. What follows are some scintillating Safire selections:

Click here to read what Aaron Britt learned while workinf for Mr. Safire, and go here if you're interested in an archive of Safire's stuff.

If you're interested in reading something other than William Safire this weekend, try these selcetions.

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