Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Perfect Attendance

During my freshman and sophomore years at South Dearborn high school I took advantage of an unusual school policy - perfect attendance = NO FINALS! For doing what we were supposed to do - attend class everyday - we were richly rewarded. That policy changed by the start of my junior year (the teachers hated it). My only absence during those first two years was because of pneumonia. Once the policy was abandoned, however, my perfect attendance record disappeared. Who could, or would, I thought, trudge along to school everyday without a little extra insentive?

Brittani McAlister of Terre Haute graduated from West Vigo high school this past weekend. This young lady never missed a day of school; not just high school but school. Period. From kindergarten to high school, 2,340 days of perfect attendance! Not only was her attendance spotless, but she was never even tardy!! Every medical or dental appointment, for the past thirteen years, was scheduled for after school hours.

That's impressive. That takes discipline and self-motivation. Well done, Ms. McAlister!


Family Bracelets Direct said...

Alex had perfect attendance this year. It was his first time doing that and he was pretty proud of himself for it!

Travis said...

He should be. That's not an easy thing to do. Tell him I'm proud of him too!