Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Every 44 Seconds

What can happen every 44 seconds? If you're on the Slovakian women's hockey team and you're playing Bulgaria then you can score a goal every 44 seconds. Seriously. The Slovakian women defeated, humiliated, and literally crushed their Bulgarian counterparts 82-0. If you're not familiar with hockey, that means there were more goals scored than minutes played. The game was 7-0 after five minutes, 19-0 after 10, and an unbelievable 31-0 after one period. Down 77-0 with three minutes to go, Bulgaria put in its backup goaltender, who promptly let in another five goals on five shots in just 1:25 of playing time. "We took it as training," said Slovakia coach Miroslav Karafiat.

Wonder how the Bulgarians took it? Here's how:
What the Slovaks did to us was kind-of an insulting mockery, and is not at all sportsmanlike
That's according to the Chair of the Bulgarian Hockey Federation Dobromir Krustev.

"Kind-of" insulting? I don't know why he was so upset at the Slovaks. In their previous matches the Bulgarians lost 30-1 to Croatia and 41-0 to Italy.

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