Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain Selects Running Mate

John McCain has selected Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his VEEP running mate. I think it is a masterful decision. I backed Huckabee for the nomination, but I belive he would have been an abysmal VEEP choice.

I was first introduced to Governor Palin and her family by Albert Mohler via his blog and radio program. Click
here and here to respectively read and listen to that material.

Here are some of the current reactions and reports to the announcement:

I'll say it again, I believe the pick is a good one. Sarah Palin is a sitting Governor and a former mayor. Translation: she has more executive experience than both Biden and Obama combined (and McCain). The experience issue is moot, even though the Obama campaign will (try to) make an issue of it. She is a definite Washington outsider. You cannot get further from the Beltway than Alaska. Palin is change, and she reinforces McCain's maverick style. Governor Palin is an National Rifle Association member, an avid outdoorswoman, a former high school basketball point guard (that's a plus for me), a wife, and a mother of five. She is also a former beauty contestant, which is neither a plus or minus for me, but I mention it because the DEMS will likely endeavor to make much of that fact.

Fiscal conservatives will like Palin because the Club for Growth does. Social conservatives will like her too, because she is staunchly pro-life, and the the Al Mohler links will provide more depth to that argument. I've already mentioned that she is a sportswoman and NRA member. She also has a son serving with the Army in Iraq. I should point out that Joe Biden, Senator Obama's running mate also has a son serving in Iraq.

Speaking of Biden, many in the Obama camp will spin Palin's selection as hypocritical. They will say that she lacks experience, particularly in foreign policy, and that has been the GOP's line of attack on Obama (not to mention Clinton's strategy).

Let them spin. Obama has waxed eloquent about change from the beginning. Last night in his acceptance speech he ran McCain down the road for being in Washington since the early 70's, pointing out that not much good has been accomplished in that time frame. Well his running mate is a career politician who has been inside the Beltway as long as McCain. Was Obama playing the hypocrite in selecting Joe instead of another (inexperienced) change agent? No. He made a smart political move.

Just like McCain. Palin is the best choice the Arizona senator could have made in my opinion. I'm looking forward to the Vice Presidential debates already!


Philip said...

Palin has breathed new life into McCain's candidacy and the entire Republican Party.

But, Travis, why are all anti-women-in-government people only posting on my blog and leaving yours alone?!? I guess your readers are more enlightened! :)

Travis said...

Send them over here!