Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Goodbye Griffey & Dunn

It's been almost two weeks since Griffey Junior was traded to the Chicago White Sox for very little (pitcher Nick Masset and infielder Danny Richar). Much more recent is the Reds trade of Adam Dunn to the Arizona Diamondbacks for next to nothing (pitcher Dallas Buck and two players to be named, one of whom may be pitcher Micah Owings).

I've already stated my opinion that trading Griffey was a good idea, specifically to an AL team, hopefully to a contending team. Both of those criteria were met in his Chicago White Sox trade, and for that I'm happy for Junior's sake. He has already contributed to his new team offensively and defensively, and he has demonstrated that he is still able to play center. Ozzie Guillen has Junior batting sixth or seventh in the lineup, which is where he should have been hitting with the Reds, for his own good and the team's. My only problem with the Griffey trade was the lack of return, but I guess something is better than nothing. Junior was not part of the Reds' future. Shipping him now, and to an AL contender made sense. I don't know why the media were surprised by the trade. Junior displayed a lot of class by sending the Reds' fans a public "thank you" letter after the trade. Cincinnati fans rarely treated Griffey well following his inaugural Reds season. I was glad to see him leave like he did.

The Dunn trade I don't like at all. For starters, the Reds received nothing in exchange for a player who has hit 40 homeruns in four consecutive years, and will likely make it five consecutive years before the season is finished. Yes, he only homers, strikes-out, or walks, but he does all three a lot. You have to take the good with the bad. Dunn is a presence in any line-up, and the Reds don't have anyone to step into that now massive void. Sure, Dunn will never win a gold glove, but he played an adequate LF, and he's only 29. I would have liked to seen the Reds lock him up to a big and lengthy contract. It would have been nice to see a player the Reds drafted and developed stick with the club for most of his career while smashing and setting records, and (hopefully) being part of the team's resurgence.

Griffey's trade made sense. Dunn's trade, while not as surprising to the media, doesn't make sense to me. I'm glad that he, like Griffey, now has a shot at the post-season. I just would have liked to seen the colossal slugger stay in a Reds uniform for many more years.

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