Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Simpsons are Bad, but Baywatch is Good?

While scanning my Google Reader this morning the headline: "Venezuela axes "The Simpsons" as bad for kids" caught my attention. It's my personal opinion that the dictatorial, socialistic leadership of Hugo Chavez is bad for Venezuelan children, but I digress. I was modestly impressed that the powers-that-be decided to drop Bart and his dysfunctional family from the airwaves, but then I read the story. Here is the opening paragraph:

Venezuela has forced U.S. cartoon "The Simpsons" of its airwaves, calling the show a potentially bad influence on children, and filled its morning slot with reruns of the beach-and-bikini show "Baywatch."

I'm wondering how the "bikini show" could be less of a "potentially bad influence on children."



Josh Gelatt said...

How funny--and I'm sure that paragraph will work its way into one of my sermons! LOL

Travis said...

I think you're right. That is definitely illustration and/or humor material!

I should have mentioned that the entire article is posted in my Shared Items box, or you can follow this link.

Fresh Dirt said...

Very funny! What would I do if I was a communist dictator? Make the kids watch sexually implicit tv shows rather than the disrespectful, challenge-authority subversion of Bart Simpson. "My fellow Venezualians... I have an amazing plan for building a strong communist future for our children... BAYWATCH! Too funny.

SB said...

LOL!!!! That's such a profound move I really have no comment for it. Maybe I can convince my wife that Baywath Hawaii is something we should commit to watching for its abundance of wholesome values. yeah, that will go over real well I bet!!!