Saturday, April 5, 2008

Meet Abigail Joy Luckhaupt

The Gilbert and Luckhaupt families were blessed by God with the safe and healthy arrival of Abigail Joy Luckhaupt on Thursday, April 3 at 6:33am. Abigail (who, according to her mother, is not to be called "Abby") arrived weighing 5 lbs 5 oz and 17" long. Abigail was born in Lawrenceburg, IN; she was delivered in a hospital and not a driveway. Abby, whoops, Abigail is my third niece on my side of the family, and my eleventh niece overall. It appears that only Dianna and I are able to produce male children; although Abigail does have an older brother: the two year old tornado Elijah Jay (who turned two today). Here are some pictures of little Abigail; as my mom would say, "She is so precious!"


John said...

Congratulations Uncle Travis!!!! Shes a beauty!

Angie Graver said...

She is beautiful!!! Hopefully her Abigail will not be as dramatic as mine!


Travis said...

Thanks John and Angie; she is beautiful.

Angie, I love your Abigail just the way she is, and drama runs in our family as well; at least with my sisters!

Anonymous said...

Hey! You might have a little of that drama in you as well.
Everyone needs a little drama!

Your "dramatic" sister

Travis said...

Sister(s), I enjoy drama. I don't do drama.