Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Join the Revolution!

Do not misunderstand. This is not a vast right-wing conspiratorial call-to-arms. I just don't bend in that direction. This is most definitely not a call to climb aboard the "Obama Movement." I am not a fan of the "Phenomenon".

I invite you to join a much more enjoyable and profitable Revolution: the board game created, designed, and hand crafted by my friend and ministry colleague Philip DuBarry.

Click here to learn more about this interesting and fun to play board-game. At that website you may view a tutorial on how to play the game, and you will be able to order your own copy. I am eagerly awaiting mine!

If you enjoy board-games then you will want to join the Revolution!


Philip said...

Wow, thanks for the great plug! BTW, here's a link to my game blog:

Starting a Revolution

Travis said...

My copy arrived today! Me and the boys are looking forward to starting a Revolution!