Thursday, March 6, 2008

Senior Night in Bloomington

DJ White played his final game at Assembly Hall in Bloomington last night in IU's convincing 69-55 victory over Tubby Smith's Golden Gophers. The 6' 9" senior from Tuscaloosa, AL has had an up and down IU career. Injuries have hindered his play, but his finest season has been this his senior year. There should be no doubt that he is the premier player in the Big Ten, and I believe, a first team All-American.

His stats are impressive: 17 ppg; 10.4 rpg; 60.7% from the field; and 18 double-doubles. He is also the emotional engine and leader of his team. By far, DJ White was the finest recruit of Mike Davis' IU career (AJ Moye is a close second). It is disappointing that his stay in IU coincided with the resignation of Davis and the foolishness of Kelvin Sampson. In spite of the inconsistency at the head coaching position DJ has handled himself with poise and maturity.

I am hopeful that White has many more games ahead of him in the crimson and cream uniform. Even though IU was embarrassed in East Lansing last Sunday, the team still has the horses to make an NCAA tournament run. DJ deserves to end his IU career with a bang!

Of course, DJ White was not the only senior celebrated yesterday. Lance Stemler, Mike White (no relation to DJ), and Adam Ahfeld played their final game before the home crowd. Ahfeld has been a bench-warmer his entire career. He provided the crowd with the best remarks of the four seniors. Two examples:
  • "I'm thinking about petitioning the NCAA for some new statistics. I think they should keep track of high fives, butt slaps, and hard cuts to center court.''
  • "I just want to thank all of you for playing well enough to get me in the game tonight.''

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