Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Man from Hope Steps Aside

It would be so nice if the other man from Hope, AR was stepping out of the national spotlight, but that is not the case. Yesterday evening Mike Huckabee resigned his candidacy for the GOP nomination. Using the (not yet) patented "Al Mohler 3-Step Christian Voting Formula" of competence, character, and convictions Mike Huckabee was the one who was most aligned with my convictions. I believed that he had the best character of all the candidates, and I felt that he was at least as competent for the position as any other candidate. No, he was not the perfect candidate, and in some areas he was weak; particularly foreign affairs. Nevertheless, I found Huckabee to be the most complete and compelling offering from the conservative camp.

In the beginning I was leaning towards Fred Thompson. Had he led a more spirited campaign and actually proved that he was conservatism's best hope I could have rallied to his banner. Instead his campaign was late, lethargic, and lacking of any substance. That's too bad. I always felt that a Thompson/Huckabee ticket would have appealing to a broad swath of conservatives, and it would have established Huckabee for a future presidential run.

Both Huckabee and Thompson have announced their support of John McCain.
He has not secured my vote, but I believe that I can back the Arizona senator with a clear conscience. He was not my first or even second choice, but as of this moment I am not preparing to write in a vote.

While I believed a Thompson/Huckabee ticket would be compelling, I do not feel the same way about a McCain/Huckabee team. Who should be the VP choice? I don't know. Who would you choose?


Anonymous said...

While I can virtually guarantee that a McCain/Huckabee ticket will NEVER occur, I do believe that at this point it is the best that we can pray for. Although, I am not a Romney fan, I believe that Mitt is a more conservative choice than McCain will probably pick. I personally, for strategic reasons, would not mind if Condi got the VP slot. In addition to her tremendous resume, it is safe to assume she could sway some votes that are traditionally democratic in an election that Republicans MUST win.

My educated guess is that McCain will select a VP who is as "moderate" as he is, if not a little more liberal. He has the conservative vote (as sad as that is to say), but he must win moderates in an election where the incumbant's party has traditionally lost with the economy in the state that it is.

KeepRight said...

You should have stuck with your first choice, it is ususally the right one. Huckabee sucked up votes that should have gone to Fred. Now the GOP is dead.