Thursday, March 13, 2008

In Case You Haven't Noticed...

On my sidebar I have listed two links which I think you will find informative and humorous. They are relatively new to the blog, but not brand new. I am referring to my Google Reader "Shared Items" list of ten blog posts and/or news articles, and the VodPod video suite.

I update the reader nearly every day; so even if there is no post for a day (or more) there is fresh information at the blog. The VodPod is not as frequently updated as the "Shared Items" list, but there are a wide variety of videos that run the gamut of funny and informative.

Check 'em out!


Fresh Dirt said...

That ER clip was fantastic. It drives home the point that there must be a road to forgiveness, not just whatever I want to choose. Although I would give the chapelain some credit for trying to help the man explore his guilt. If the man would have engaged in the conversation with her, I think he would have discovered some very deep rooted things about himself.
The MacArthur clip was flawed in many different ways... MacArthur quotes scriptures without really engaging Larry King's questions. The first priest guy had some good stuff to say, but that last guy was very inarticulate... you can't put a guy like that up against someone like MacArthur.

Travis said...

The ER clip is amazing, and may be used as a wonderful teaching tool; however, I do not think the chaplain helped. Yes, she was kind and patient, and she wanted to help but she had nothing to say. That is because, apart from Biblical truth about our lives and eternity, there is nothing to offer. Dan Phillips of Pyromaniacs fame posted a wonderful blog about this very clip, and he added an interchange between the deflated chaplain and the doctor. You will find it here.

I also disagree with your take on MacArthur's exchange on Larry King. You must remember, Justin, that show is geared towards sound-bites. Had MacArthur been the only guest he could and would have engaged King's questions in more detail, but a 45 minute panel discussion does not afford time for in depth conversation. By its very nature the dialogue must be brisk and shallow. He succinctly and clearly proclaimed the scriptures. That would go a lot farther in helping a dying man that "exploring guilt".

Since your comment I've also added a Mark Driscoll gospel presentation; not because they disagree. They do not. It's been added to augment and confirm what MacArthur was restricted to deliver in sound-bite fashion.