Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bill Clinton in Lawrenceburg, IN

7 Butler Court Lawrenceburg, IN 47025. That was my address before moving to Greencastle, IN in the summer of 2006. My parents were raised in Lawrenceburg. Both are graduates of the LHS. On the Lawrenceburg levee walk there stands an historical marker citing the visit of President Lincoln whose train stopped in the SE Indiana town long enough for the president to make an address.

Former President William Jefferson Clinton is no President Lincoln, but he was in Lawrenceburg, IN this afternoon.

Referring to himself as the "rural hitman" of the Clinton campaign, the former President spoke for 40 minutes to a packed house at the Dearborn Adult Center. Reports indicate that about 375 people packed a small room at the facility on Tate Street while another 125 listened in an adjacent room. Another 150 students and 50 adults listened to the speech at the new firehouse across the street.

I've been in the Adult Center many times. I used to teach a Bible study in there once a week. I would never have guessed that 375 people could fit in the entire building; let alone 375 in one room with another 125 people stuffed into an adjacent room.

Evidently, Mr. Clinton intoned the same tired mantra that the Clinton campaign has fed the American public for this entire race: Hillary is the best prepared, best qualified, most experienced candidate who can beat John McCain. According to the IndyStar report Mr. Clinton used his 40 minutes to...

"stress [that] Hillary Clinton would turn the economy around by solving the sub-prime mortgage crisis and generating new jobs through an aggressive energy policy."
Great sound bites. I'm not impressed that she recognizes the problem(s).I'd like to hear how Senator Clinton plans on solving the sub-prime mortgage crisis, as well as the details of this aggressive energy policy.

Oh well, I don't think she'll have to worry about formulating those plans. I believe that Barack Obama will win their party's nomination.

Mr. Clinton made another statement that caught my attention on his tour of the Hoosier state's eastern border. He said:

Nobody believes she can win in Indiana because it borders Illinois.

I am a "nobody" who believes that Obama will beat Hillary, in Indiana and for the nomination, but not because Indiana shares a border with Illinois. I do not think that Hillary will win Indiana because the last President to win Indiana was Lyndon Baines Johnson. I am more than surprised that the Clinton campaign even dispatched Mr. Clinton to this state. In his 1996 landslide victory over Bob Dole Indiana voted for Bob Dole! If Mr. Clinton cannot defeat Bob Dole, how on earth is he supposed to stir up voters against a charismatic candidate like Obama?!

Speaking of the Obama camp; they seem to draw support from younger voters, while the supporters braving the rain to here Mr. Clinton's pitch were...well, just see for yourself.

More pictures may be found by following this link.


Philip said...

Great picture of the former prez at the top! :)

Travis said...

That is one of my favorite pics of the former Commander-in-Chief. Did you make a run across the border to hear Mr. Clinton first hand?