Monday, March 24, 2008

After the First Weekend...

My bracket is down the drain; just like normal. What was atypical in this year's bracket was my inability to predict IU's game of exit. I have never been so embarrassed to call Indiana my team. It's not just that they lost to a less talented Arkansas team. It is the fact that this group of IU players had quit on their school as soon as Coach Verizon took the money and ran; except for DJ White, who deserved better from his teammates. To make matters worse, the university unveiled their ridiculous 10-man coach hunting committee, and they made that announcement the weekend of the tournament. From the top down IU has lost touch with reality.

After the tournament's first weekend I have 50% success rating, and because of Davidson's shocker and Butler's inability to finish off Tennessee, I'm already down two of my Elite Eight picks.

My best region was the West. I correctly predicted West Virginia's upset of Duke, and Xavier's victory over Purdue. I did not see Western Kentucky making the Sweet 16; although I did pick them to eliminate Drake.

Kansas is my only correct selection from the Midwest. In the East I had UNC and Louisville, but not Washington State or the Vols.

Texas is making me eat crow in the South. I had picked the Longhorns to be upset in the second round by St. Mary's. Unfortunately, St. Mary's wilted under the Miami heat, and Texas weathered the Hurricanes. I also did not think Michigan State would advance to the Regionals. I am happy that I mispicked here. The Big Ten, apart from IU, has played well in this tourney. Conversely, the SEC's play thus far has proven that they did not deserve six selections.

I've already missed on Butler and Georgetown advancing to the Elite Eight. Let's see how I do with the other six picks:
  1. North Carolina
  2. Kansas
  3. Memphis
  4. Stanford
  5. UCLA
  6. Xavier

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