Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's Time to Throw a Chair at Sampson!

In my lifetime the Indiana University Hoosiers have been coached by three men. One was a tyrannical genius who demanded disciplined behavior off and on the court, and ensured that his players attended class and earned their degree. He never cheated nor did he tolerate cheating. He won 662 games, three National championships, and a bunch of Big 10 titles. He also threw a chair and stuff, but he never cheated.

Mike Davis was the second coach of my beloved Hoosiers, during the past 35 years was. By all accounts he was (and is) a nice man, and an honest man. He led the team to an unbelievable upset over Duke in the 2002 Sweet 16, and within a whisker of the national title that same year. But he looked confused much of the time, in my opinion, and his substitutions and offensive schemes always had me confused. His era came to a close in 2006.

That was followed by the current administration of Kelvin Sampson. He fled Oklahoma for Bloomington under the cloud of NCAA violations. IU hired him anyway. His blue collar style and recruiting coups - keeping DJ White and luring Eric Gordon away from Illinois - helped consolidate most of the IU fan base behind him; including ths blogger's support. (It also helped that he wasn't Mike Davis.)

Sadly, Coach Verizon did not learn from his mistakes, and he continued to make the same violations after coming to Indiana. Now he has jeopardized IU's most promising season in years, and perhaps retarded the program for years to come. The NCAA has revealed new allegations against Sampson and his staff, and has stated that Sampson...
failed to deport himself...with the generally recognized high standard of honesty...and...failed to promote an atmosphere for compliance within the men's basketball program
That is according to this article. It's always great to read the words "failed [at] honesty [and] compliance" when you're reading about your team's basketball coach. This has probably sealed Eric Gordon's departure after this season. Depending on the punishment the university and/or NCAA gives Sampson and the program we could see a mass defection of young talent, as well as recruits begging out of their oral commitments.

I almost wish someone would throw a chair at Kelvin Sampson. I'm just glad that I'm no where near him and a chair.

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