Friday, February 8, 2008

Greg Gilbert (no relation) on Music

Greg Gilbert is a regular contributor to the 9Marks blog. He is also a former intern at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in D.C. (I think), and currently an elder at the Third Avenue Baptist Church in Louisville, KY (I'm positive). I have especially enjoyed his books reviews for 9Marks (particularly this one). His recent 9Marks blog-post concerning music and its place in worship is absolutely brilliant. Mr. Gilbert shares the same concerns and observations about music that I have. For instance, Mr. Gilbert writes:
I’ve been amazed since becoming an elder in a local church just how dependent many Christians are on a certain style of music. (emphasis mine)
The amazement is mutual. The post is excellent and I commend it to you.

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Fresh Dirt said...

The issue Greg brings up is one that often concerns me as well. An entire generation of Christians has grown up under the idea that worship is 1) music, 2) professional quality, and 3) ecstatic every time. Worship music becomes porn... immediate release, transcendence, and ecstasy. God seeks obedience (true worship) more than temple rituals. What continues to occur throughout history is that the rituals/liturgy gets substituted as the end rather than a means. Liturgy is intended to create a space. Instead it becomes our idols of wood and stone.