Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Where Are They Now?

My beloved Hoosiers are enjoying a decent season; even thought they were humbled on Saturday by Connecticut, and earlier in the season by Xavier. The encouraging aspect of the 2008 team is the depth and breadth of talent. The talent is headlined by freshman Eric Gordon and senior DJ White, but the talent pool goes well beyond them this year.

Still, do you ever find yourself wondering how the team would be doing if ________ was still wearing the Crimson & Cream?

Hoosier Insider Terry Hutchens has posted an update on the whereabouts and goings-on of six former Hoosiers who could still be warming up in the candy-striped pants if they had stayed. The post’s title is Whatever Happened to…?; here is the list of players:

  1. Joey Shaw
  2. Xavier Keeling
  3. Ben Allen
  4. Robert Vaden
  5. Patrick Ewing, Jr
  6. Cem Dinc

It’s an interesting and brief post, which any IU fan would find worthwhile. Of the six listed, the only two I miss are Joey Shaw and Patrick Ewing, Jr. They are both tall, athletic players who would bring diversity and balance to the team. I especially miss Ewing, and I have always believed that one of former coach Mike Davis’ biggest mistakes was not using that young man more often.

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