Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Most Pathetic "Sports" Story of the Year

We've all heard the joke about going to watch a fight and then a hockey game broke out. Hah, hah, hah. Very funny. While fighting is most definitely one small part of hockey, a story from this morning's Edmonton Sun is absolutely pathetic.

GUELPH, Ont. -- Six hockey players and two coaches were suspended following a brawl between two teams of eight-year-olds in Guelph last week that has stunned police. Three players each from the Duffield Devils and Niagara Falls Thunder novice triple-A teams, and their respective coaches, were ejected from the Guelph Power Play Tournament on Friday after a brawl during a game.

"These are eight-year-olds," said Staff Sgt. Neal Young of Guelph Police.

"How ridiculous is that?"

It is incredulous Staff Sergeant, that is what it is. Sure, hockey is a rough sport, but this did not happen because hockey is violent. This happened because the adults involved are idiots.
Police were called to the arena shortly before 6 p.m. Friday. A small fight had broken out between players on the ice and both coaches sent more players from the bench to join in the fracas, Young said. A member of the Niagara Falls coaching staff approached the Duffield bench and allegedly spit in the face of a Duffield coach.
I cannot imagine a coach sending allowing 8 year olds to fight, let alone sending reinforcements to join the fracas. The fact that one coach spit on another is par for the course with this outfit.
This is a disgrace. The parents should demand that the imbeciles in charge should immediately be removed from coaching and never allowed to return. Obviously these men are positive role models. They should not be allowed to influence children.
It is not foolish when a child behaves like a child. It is foolish, and often tragic, when grown men behave like a child.

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