Thursday, November 1, 2007

And So it Begins...

Kelvin Sampson came to IU under a dark cloud of NCAA violations. Like a fool, he continued to violate the same rules for which he was punished while at Oklahoma. IU assistant Rob Senderoff has resigned. Yesterday a detailed report was released pinpointing the many infractions of Sampson and his staff. Click here to read ESPNs article on the report. Either Sampson is too stupid to understand the rules, or he just doesn't want to play by them. Either way, it is not good news for the Hoosier faithful - myself included.

I like Coach "blue collar" Sampson. I really like his recruiting ability. The rules infractions and utter disregard for the rules is another matter. This will haunt IU for the entire season, and it may lead to serious penalties; such as a forfeiture of postseason play.

I was looking forward to this season like no other in a looong time. Now I'm afraid to think of what will happen.

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