Tuesday, October 23, 2007

No Cussing Allowed Association

The NCAA has instituted a "no-cursing rule" for basketball coaches, and they swear that the rule will be strictly enforced. Follow this link to read the Indy Star article. According to the new policy coaches will no longer receive warnings for offensive language. They will be slapped with a tech for the first foul phrase or word. Cuss again and that will earn the coach a second technical which means an automatic ejection.

I'd love to be sitting behind the Texas Tech bench this year.


SportsDork36 said...

This is rule is crazy. Coach Knight will probably be ejected 10 times for this rule. What are they thinking. They are letting coaches break rules to get recruits and doesnt allow cussing?

Love the page.

C Markland said...

Thank you for sharing this! It's about time the NCAA did something about the language and "example" of these players. It seems there's a 14-year-old who is way ahead of them, but the sad thing is, McKay Hatch doesn't have referees backing him. He's standing up against profanity on his own--and taking quite a bit of heat for it (including death threats and hundreds of profanity-laced e-mails). Check out McKay Hatch and his No Cussing Club at www.nocussing.com.

Dana said...

Love the cartoon.

I think it won't last long, but it is a nice sentiment.