Friday, June 1, 2007

Leaning Left

I’m not leaning left (I also try not to lean too far right), American universities may be veering left. That is what Washington Times reporter Amy Fagan writes today in her article “Colleges Veer Left for ‘07 Speakers”.

Fagan sites a study conducted by the conservative group Young America’s Foundation which states that left-leaning speakers outnumbered conservatives during the recently passed commencement “season” by a ration of 8:1.

The Young Democrats of America found the YAF’s study “laughable”. No surprise there. The young Dems were laughing because men such as Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News and Microsoft founder Bill Gates were labeled as left-leaning.

All of this is interesting, I suppose, but is it a big surprise that most American universities are left leaning? No doubt most of today’s university administrators who are responsible for finding commencement speakers were burning draft cards and ROTC buildings a few years ago.

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