Friday, June 1, 2007

Different Views

It's obvious that I am a fan of Indianapolis Star political cartoonist Gary Varvel. I regularly include his cartoons in my blog posts; usually at The Coffee House. Before I moved to central Indiana I lived in the Hoosier third of the Indiana/Ohio/Kentucky tri-state area. The Cincinnati Enquirer was my hometown paper. Jim Borgman is the political cartoonist for that paper.

The following cartoons from Varvel and Borgman depict the different views that are evident in the media.

Look, I'm all for folks with differing opinions and views having an open discussion and dialogue. That is healthy and beneficial to everyone. I'm also not a Falwell apologist. I'm no fan of the Moral Majority, and I believe that a pastor's main priority must always be the church he pastors, not a parachurch organization. (I'm referring to a pastor's main "work" priority. His personal fellowship with the Father and his family take precedence over everything.) I am thankful for his ministry; however, and I agreed more than disagreed with the man.

So if I'm all for open dialogue and discussion, why do I have a problem with Borgman's cartoon? Not because he takes an obvious irreverent view of Falwell. That's his opinion, and that's fine. State your case, give your reasons, and let's talk. I'll listen to you, and you listen to me.

Borgman does more than state his case. Trying to funny he instead dishonors God, not to mention shows a huge lack of respect for the dead. This kind of attitude does not lend itself to an honest disagreement or healthy debate.

I like my new hometown political cartoonist better.

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