Monday, June 11, 2007

Creation Museum Redux

I still haven't visited the Creation Museum which opened on Memorial day in Petersburg, KY, just across the Ohio River from my hometown of Aurora, IN. Therefore this post is not a personal review of my family's visit to the Museum. Do not fear, that post is imminent; no man knows the day but this father. I do want to make you aware of two excellent Creation Museum reviews. The first is by my old friend Philip, who is now also a blogging peer. You may read his museum visit report here at his new team blog - Doses of Reality: the Antidote to Your Misconceptions. I have recently added this site to my blogroll, and a regular dosage is highly recommended.

The second review I recommend was written by Southern Seminary professor Russell Moore. His Baptist Press article "Closed Minds at the Museum" is excellent.


Philip said...

Thanks for the plug! I hope you enjoy the museum as much as I did!

Philip said...

One more thing... I notice you have a link to Digg. I also regularly visit Digg, but I just cannot believe the absolute hatred of Christians I find there. I have finally just decided that it's little more than a small group (less than 500) of teenage brat atheist-wannabes. Otherwise, Digg is pretty cool!

Travis said...

You're welcome for the plug; it's deserved. As for the Digg link, I was actually playing around with my Feedburner account when I added the Digg link. I've never even visited. It may not be long for this blog.

Raspberry Grace said...

I really do wish Ken Ham and his co workers a lot of luck with the new Museum, I find his faith very inspiring, and of course I believe in creation too.

I'd dearly love to visit,perhaps one day!

fatboyslimming said...

How can I question what you believe in when I don't have the answer myself. But I feel you may need to be more open minded.

I noticed a comment about the persecution of christians. You should try living in the UK which is slowly being turned into a mish mash of multi culturalism versus islamic state.

I am not a church goer but I do believe in god and would much prefer my children and that of all my countrymen/women to be given a church of England upbringing than to be brain washed with everyone elses religions..

anyway i am ranting now. thanks for letting me post.