Friday, May 25, 2007

Worst Team in the NL Central

It’s official: my beloved Cincinnati Reds are now the worst team in the National League. They own a scintillating 18-30 record; which gives them a solid hold on the cellar of the Central Division. They are the worst team in the worst division in the NL.

They just lost three of four games to the Washington Nationals, the former NL basement champs. Of course, one could call the Nationals “Cincinnati Reds East” because the team has Jim Bowden, Bob Boone, and Barry Larkin in the front office and Dmitri Young, Austin Kearns, and Felipe Lopez on the field. By the way, all three of those players shined at various times against the Reds.

I just do not understand this free fall. Last yeat this team was in contention for the entire season, and should have won the Central division. They imploded down the stretch, but they haven’t even lifted off this season. It’s May25 and you can already stick a fork in this season. The only reasons left to watch this team are these:
  • Will Junior stay healthy?
  • Will Hamilton stay clean?
  • Will Dunn hit 40 homers for the fourth consecutive season?
Other than the above storylines there is no compelling reason to watch this team. Nevertheless, I shall watch and listen to Marty!

Before I finish I want it to be understood that I do like Adam Dunn. I really do. I have to be honest, though, this guy is a liability in the field, and how does someone with such a good “eye” strike out a couple times every game; usually in a clutch situation? I loved his effort last night on Young’s bloop hit to left, but his decision to attempt a shoe-string catch was bone-headed. It also cost the Reds a run. It was great effort combined with a poor decision. The Reds need great effort and smart decisions. They need them in a hurry.

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