Monday, March 12, 2007

Fred Thompson for President?

Perhaps you’re wondering “Who is Fred Thompson?” You might not recognize his name; perhaps you recognize his face. Fred Thompson is an actor/politician from Tennessee. The former Senator and current Law & Order cast member is considering a run for the GOP nomination for President. I stumbled across an “unofficial” website that is touting Fred Thompson for President. You can find that site here. You can also watch an 8-minute YouTube clip of Thompson with Chris Wallace here.

I really do not know much about Fred Thompson. I do remember seeing him as the President’s Chief of Staff in the Clint Eastwood move In the Line of Fire, and I know that he has been my favorite Law & Order DA.
Is he truly conservative? I don’t know. Would he make a good President? I have no idea. I”ll write more about him if he decides to run.

I just hate the thought of losing “Arthur Branch”.

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